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Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lloyd Hovland’s earliest childhood memories are of sketching wildlife and nature scenes. Throughout the years, he has evolved into one of the leading artists in the U.S. to paint a wide spectrum of nature and the environment. Lloyd’s unique style of painting combines his brushstrokes with the emotions and the mood of the subject with fine and realistic detail.

Lloyd’s career has permitted him to study under such famous artists as Norman Rockwell, Harold Von Schmidt, John Atherton and other well-known artists in Advanced Famous Artist courses. Starting with a SPORTS AFIELD cover, his background has evolved to where today Lloyd’s scenes are enjoyed by thousands of wildlife lovers and collectors in homes and offices throughout the World. This extensive list of collectors even includes three U.S. Presidents.

Without a doubt, Lloyd’s creative talents as an artist and a naturalist have been a blessing to all who have been able to view and enjoy his art. And, as Lloyd states it... his artwork comes from within... with God’s direction.

All Lloyd Hovland scenes are one-time Worldwide Editions. When the editions are sold out... no further printings will be made. This ensures that your limited edition will have greater value in its exclusivity of ownership. Every scene has an affidavit that extends to you this protection. Each scene also comes with an exclusive print number so that the collector is aware of it being the only print in the world.

Order Confirmation:
Upon the receipt of an order you will receive either a phone call or e-mail reply confirming your specific order. Also, details will be provided stating how and when the shipment will be made.

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